Parents view schedule online by class that their child is moving into

Parents choose class / time & teacher to suit their personal schedule          

Best Option is to Print Out Group Lesson Schedule 2019-2020

Group Lesson Schedule 2019-2020

Parents print out Registration Form 2019-2020

Registration Form 2019-2020

Parents fill out child / parent detail on top half of registration form
Parent reads and acknowledges agreements on Page 2 of Reg form

Parents attend registration evening

Parent approaches relevant teacher chosen from timetable to secure chosen slot
Note: it’s a first come first served basis , there are plenty of teachers and spaces so please have
more than one preference in mind. We will also have Overflow sheets if the specific class / time you
want is not available then we shall work from the overflow sheets after registration day if there are enough to form further groups

Teacher confirms space in relevant class

Parent repeats process to next teacher if more classes are required with a different teacher
or if they need to book with another teacher for another child

Once Class Day and Time is agreed, Teacher notes class with child’s name on their schedule copy

Parent signs teachers schedule copy in agreement of all terms of registration

Teacher ticks corresponding box on registration form as acknowledgement for
Committee to utilise while adding up fees due on registration night

Parent brings completed registration form (completed by parent & teachers)
to committee to complete the registration & hire fee process

Note ** Hire Fee & Registration Fee will be taken on Registration Day
Tuition fees are private arrangements with music teachers and will not be collected on Registration Day

Please see attached document regarding lesson fees for 2019-2020

Lesson Fees 2019-2020

Please see attached document regarding availability of teachers for private lessons

Private Lesson Teachers Availability 2019-2020