The St Canice’s Instrumental Music Programme does not generate income, so in order to purchase and upkeep instruments, music, equipment and other essential items, it relies on the fund-raising efforts of those involved. The musicians and orchestral groups within the programme are also very active in attending competitions, recitals and fund-raisers which involves a huge amount of organisation and assistance.

Throughout the history of the music programme there have been countless individuals who have offered there unfailing support, commitment and generosity both in terms of  time and in some cases by way of financial assistance. For a programme as big and vibrant as ours to survive and continue to go from strength to strength this level of patronage is vital.

We have a dynamic music committee, that often goes above and beyond the course of duty in many, many ways and to who we are all extremely grateful. However a committee always benefits from more members or any other assistance you think you may be able to offer in any way!