The St Canice’s Music Programme has a huge array of instruments available for hire. However,  instruments have limited availability and will be distributed for hire on a first come first served basis. Most instruments are only available for hire for two years, after which if your child wishes to continue their instrument the parent will be responsible for purchasing an instrument, with advice from their teacher.

Unlike all other instruments the pocket trumpet is only available for hire for one year and recorders, pianos and guitars are not available for hire from the Music Programme.

The instruments available to your child depend on their age (and size as some instruments are just too big for children to play before a certain age!) The instruments and lessons available to your child are listed according to their age and if you click on the class they are in to the right of this you will be able to preview what instruments they would be able to take up.

Theory of music classes start in Second Class with Preparatory Level, followed by Grade One in Third Class, Grade Two in Fourth Class and finally Grade Three in Fifth Class. If your child is learning an instrument it is extremely important they partake in these classes too as it supplements and augments their practical instrumental development.

Lesson costs are separate to the cost of hire and depend on the size of the group being taught and can alter annually. Please ask for further details.