The first workshop involving our Senior Orchestra members under the tutelage of NSO members took place on Monday 11th November.

This workshop is part of an initiative sponsored by the Arts Council and Kilkenny County Council, which sees the Senior Orchestra learning two new and challenging pieces. The pieces will be completed through two workshops with NSO members and with two Orchestral rehearsals led by NSO Conductor Fergus Sheil. The Senior orchestra will then perform in a special short concert on Friday 6 December at 7pm, showcasing their work with the RTE NSO.

The percussion workshop was supervised by NSO percussionist Richard O’Donnell, the violins and violas were supervised by NSO violinist Mary Wheatley (assisted by ex St Canice’s players Jenna Raggett and Marie-Therese Boland), the cello and double basses were supervised by NSO cellist Violetta Muth-McKimm, the flutes and recorders were supervised by NSO flautist Riona O’Duinnin, the clarinets and saxophones were supervised by NSO bassoonist Hilary Sheil and the brass players were supervised by NSO french horn player Ian Dakin. Second Cello’s were assisted by ex St Canice’s player Elizabeth Boland.

Our young players felt honoured to be afforded this very unique opportunity to participate in the workshop with professional musicians and had a musically challenging and fulfilling afternoon.