Dear Parent/Guardian,

The following dates and times have been arranged for you to register your child for the music programme for next year. Registration will take place in the school lobby on;

Tues 31st May 1.30-3.30pm and 7-8pm
Wed 1st June 1.30-3.30pm and 7-8pm
Thurs 2nd June 1.30-3.30pm and 7-8pm

The form for registration was included as an insert in the Maytime Melodies Concert programme and is also available to download here. You can access more information regarding instrument choices and relevant fees on the music programme website by clicking here. If you wish your child to be part of the music programme next year, please register your child and pay the appropriate fees due at one of these registration sessions. These will be the only music registration sessions for 2016/17. It is vital that you pay the relevant fees at the time of registration. As you can appreciate there are over 400 children currently involved in the music programme and the time tabling of music lessons for all of these children is a huge task for the administrator. Late applications cause considerable disruption to this time- tabling, which is unfair on the programme administrator.

If you do not register at one of these sessions, we cannot guarantee that the instrument of choice will be available for your child for next year and a late application fee may also be applied. Details of fees and instrument choices for next year are also available on the website. (If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can speak in the strictest of confidence with Ruth Walsh, Programme Administrator).

Many thanks for your co-operation,

The Music Committee