Eamon has just received word from RTE that the jazz band rehearsal is on Sunday next, 23rd November in Clasac in Clontarf from 1pm-6.30pm.

We will travel by bus leaving at 10.45 am from the school. Children are to bring their instrument and a packed lunch and drink. We will stop in McDonalds on the way home so please give your child €5 to cover this. We would hope to be back at the school by 8.30pm. Children can wear their own clothes on Sunday.

As the Jazz Band are playing a new piece of music on the Toy Show, it is essential that all children attend the usual jazz band practice this Thursday and RTE have asked us to point out that only children who attend the full rehearsal on Sunday can take part in the Toy Show.
For logistical reasons, I would prefer if all children travel on the bus on Sunday.

A parent of a child in the Music Programme has offered to cover the cost of the bus on Sunday, and also the buses on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th. On behalf of the Music Programme, I wish to extend enormous thanks for this extremely generous gesture. It is greatly appreciated.

As soon as we receive further information from RTE on times for the 26th and 27th, we will contact you.

I hope that all children can travel on Sunday and take part in this great musical adventure!