A note from Regina O’Leary 8th February 2015
Congratulations to St Canice’s Senior Orchestra who gave a sensational performance at the NCH last night. You wowed the audience with four stunning pieces and thoroughly deserved your TWO standing ovations. The feedback from IAYO has been incredible and you and Ruth have made a little bit of history and created a sense of awe with your ability to perform such a challenging yet spine- tingling repertoire for such a young group of instrumentalists. Ruth O Leary did an extraordinary job and has brought this orchestra to heights almost unimaginable.This was the most amazing team effort ever experienced in the history of our Music Programme- from the dedicated team of Music Teachers who coached the children through the Sectional practices to the incredible team of parents who took over the practical side of everything entailed in the preparation for this unforgettable event. Thanks to the huge support given to the children by Mrs Comerford and all the teaching staff of our school and to the IAYO who included us in their 20th Anniversary Concert.