Fergus Shiel, conductor and composer will hold a very special once off workshop with the Senior Orchestra on Wednesday 21st January from 4pm-6.30pm.  The workshop will focus exclusively on “Bolero”, which is one of the orchestra’s most challenging pieces for the upcoming NCH Concert, and which was specially arranged by Fergus Shiel.  The workshop is in two sessions ; 4pm-5pm with a short break and from 5.30pm-630pm. It will be very intensive and the children should bring a snack and water.  It is imperative that ALL members attend this very special workshop.  The children have put a huge amount of work into preparing for the concert and this workshop will be a great opportunity for them to collectively improve their skills in advance of the big day!  There will be a fee of €5 per child to attend – the cost of the event is already being subsidised by the music programme.  Please ensure your child pays the fee before 21st January.