The much anticipated biennial Maytime Melodies concert will take place over two nights on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st of May in The Watergate Theatre. A feast of musical talent will be showcased on the both nights.

Tickets are available from 3rd March at the Watergate Theatre. Tickets cannot be purchased from the school or from music committee members, and all queries, ticket returns etc should be directed to the Watergate Theatre.  Tickets for the concerts tend to sell very quickly so you are advised to purchase your tickets early.  Tickets are priced at €10 for adults and €5 for children.

This is our major fundraiser for the music programme and we appreciate the support that parents and families continue to show us.

Please see the running order for both nights below. Further information on the concerts will issue nearer the concert dates.

Tuesday 20th May

  1. Junior Infants Violins (Baby Bows)
  2. 1st Class Cellos (Cellorific)
  3. Year 1 Recorder (Petit Puffs)
  4. 1st & 2nd Class Viola Group (Vital Violas)
  5. Junior Infants Pre Twinkle 1
  6. 1st Class violins (Minims and Semibreves)
  7. 1st Class Percussion (The Allsorts)
  8. 2nd Class Percussion (GI Joes)
  9. Double Bass Ensemble (Touch Bass)
  10. Beginner Jazz Band (Canice’s Cubs/Beginner Wind)
  11. Year 2 Recorder (Recorder Rhapsody)
  12. 2nd Class Pocket Trumpets
  13. Junior Jazz Band
  14. Junior Orchestra

Wednesday 21st May

  1. Senior Infants Violins (Crotchets and Quavers)
  2. Senior Infants Cellos (Cello Cherubs)
  3. Recorder Ensemble (Junior & Senior Orchestra)
  4. 3rd Class Percussion (Glow Ninjas)
  5. Senior Infants Pre Twinkle 2
  6. Beginner Flutes (Tutti Flutti)
  7. St Canice’s Concert Brass Ensemble (French horns, trombones, trumpets)
  8. Senior French Horn Trio
  9. Groovy Guitars
  10. Senior Jazz Band
  11. Senior Orchestra