Tuesday 22nd May 2018
1. Junior Infant Pre-Twinkle 1
2. Junior Infant Violins
3. 1st class String Ensemble
(Violins, Violas, Cellos & DB)
4. Percussion Groups – Junior Percussion, Senior Percussion, Orchestral Percussion & Jeremy’s Beginner Guitars.
5. Beginner Jazz Band
(Canice’s Cubs incl Tutti Flutti)
6. Junior Jazz Band
7. Junior Orchestra

Wednesday 23rd May 2018
1. Senior Infant Pre-Twinkle 2
2. Senior Infant Violins
3. Brass Ensemble (Pocket Trumpets, French Horns, Trombones & Trumpets)
4. Senior Infant Cellos
5. Recorder Ensemble (Year 1 & Year 2)
6. Groovy Guitars
7. Senior Jazz Band
8. Senior Orchestra

WHAT TO WEAR: All children should wear their school uniform minus their jumper or cardigan (because of the heat backstage) with white knee length socks for girls and shoes if possible. No runners please! Also, if your child has a coat we would ask you to hold on to it in the auditorium.
The Senior & Junior Orchestras and Senior & Junior Jazz Bands children should wear their uniform along with the red music sweatshirt and white polo T-Shirt (again white knee length socks for girls). The music sweatshirts will be distributed before the event and will be taken back from the children at the Watergate Theatre after their performances on stage.

DROP OFF TIMES: Below are the drop off times for the various groups. This year we have the largest number of children ever taking part in the Maytime Melodies concerts. The area backstage is very small and, for health and safety reasons, we would ask that where possible you only drop your child off at the allotted times below, and not any earlier.

No food or drinks permitted backstage, however, water will be provided for the children.
We are aware some children will be performing in a number of different acts and will therefore remain backstage until their next performance.

PICK UP TIMES: Below are also the pick-up times for the various groups. The Junior & Senior Infant Children (with the exception of the Senior Infant Cellos) can be collected from the coffee dock area upstairs in the Watergate Theatre after the Pre-Twinkle performance on both nights.

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All other children including the Senior Infant Cellos can be collected after their performance at the backstage door.


For more information regarding Maytime Melodies please click here