Event Information

Starting DateWednesday 2nd May 2018
End Date:
Venuethe Orchestra Room

As you know we have been working on the Music Programme to enhance some of the processes within.

We have listening and noting a lot of the parents & teachers queries and taking on board some great feedback that has been given throughout the last year or more.

One major item that comes up extremely regularly is the lack of understanding of the bigger picture of the music programme from a parental perspective, how the group classes work, what they feed into as the children grow and develop etc.

We know that this can be very daunting to understand when you only find out information in bits and pieces as and when a query gets presented or an email comes through to your inbox!

We would therefore like to commence conquering this and promote transparency as mentioned previously in emails.

We believe the best way to do this is to have an information evening for the parents where we will go through the programme, let you know what classes feed into what down the lines, give you information on group/individual/orchestra/Jazz classes, highlight the various outings the children go on and much more!

We will also have time allocated at the latter end of the night for a questions and answers forum.

The night we have available to do this is:

Wednesday 2nd May 2018
7pm in the Orchestra Room

There will only be one offering of this before registration night (Thursday 31st May 18), we would like it to be helpful for you all and productive for us so if you could please spread the word about this night to parents in the yard that might not read their emails as frequent as others we would greatly appreciate that as we would really like a good turn out of parents to this offering.

Thanks in advance
Shirley & Ruth