St Canice’s Senior Orchestra has been invited to participate in a series of very special workshops with Conductor Fergus Shiel and members of the RTE National Symphony Orchestra (RTE NSO) in December.  They will also be performing in a short concert in the Watergate Theatre on Friday 6 December in advance of the RTE NSO’s main concert in St Canice’s Cathedral with acclaimed violinist Tasmin Little.  Three members of the RTE NSO will work with separate groups of the orchestra on two occasions between now and the concert date (dates yet to be confirmed).  Fergus Shiel, Conductor will also conduct two separate workshops with the entire orchestra before 6 December. On Friday 6 December, the Orchestra will perform in a special short concert in the Watergate Theatre at 7pm showcasing their work with the RTE NSO.  (Admission to this concert is free).  We have some details at this stage as to how the concert day will work and will confirm specific dates for the workshops later.

Friday 6 December

4:00 – 5:30pm – Orchestra rehearsal in the Watergate Theatre

(Violinist Tasmin Little will also attend for part of this rehearsal and play Vivaldi’s “Spring” with the children).

7:00 – 7:30pm – Concert in the Watergate Theatre by St Canice’s Senior Orchestra

Some members of the RTE NSO will attend this concert also

8:00 – 10:00pm – RTE NSO perform in St Canice’s Cathedral with guest soloist Tasmin Little.

All the orchestra members will be given free tickets to attend this concert.  (The orchestra will not be performing at this concert)  Parents/guardians who wish to attend will need to purchase their own tickets.

Tickets €16/14 available to purchase at Watergate Theatre Kilkenny 056 7761674

The orchestra will be required to learn 2 new and challenging pieces for the workshops and concert.  This will require the children to attend all orchestra practices and to also practice the pieces at home.  We would appreciate the assistance of parents/guardians in encouraging and supporting your child in this regard.  This event is being funded by the Arts Council and Kilkenny Co Council and our orchestra has been afforded a very unique opportunity to participate in the workshops and concert with professional musicians.  We hope as many as possible can support these events by attending both concerts on the night where a wonderful evening’s entertainment is promised.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our lucky orchestra members and a fantastic chance to hear our National Symphony Orchestra perform in Kilkenny.