The Senior Orchestra will be busking on Friday 19 December from 1-3pm in McDonagh Junction. This is a traditional Christmas event and one which the children greatly enjoy. Normally we are able to rehearse for this event during the regular orchestra rehearsal time. However this year as the orchestra is working very hard in preparing for the Festival of Youth Orchestras concert in February, there will not be enough time to rehearse Christmas music also.

With this in mind, it is planned to have 3 special busking rehearsals on Wednesdays from 7-8pm, starting on Wednesday 19 November. If your child wishes to take part in the busking, please ensure they attend these rehearsals. I am aware that many children may be involved in extra curricular activities at this time, and may not be able to attend all the rehearsals. Copies of the music will be available if your child cannot attend all rehearsals and I would appreciate if you could encourage your child to practice at home! All children must attend the final rehearsal which will be in mid December – date to be confirmed.

Many Thanks

Regina O Leary