All music lessons next week (25th-29th November) are cancelled due to parent teacher meetings taking place (that includes lunch time classes).  The only exceptions are for those involved in the Senior Orchestra – details below.

Because of the upcoming concert/workshops with the National Symphony Orchestra the Senior Orchestra rehearsal will go ahead at the usual time on Wednesday 27th i.e. 3.45-5.00pm.  In addition the following sectionals will take place next week for senior orchestra members only:

Monday 25th 2.45-4.00pm – Sectional Rehearsals:
All Brass & Saxophones
All strings (with the exception of violin 2nds)
Flutes & Recorders

Tuesday 26th 2.45-3.45pm – Sectional Rehearsals:
Double Basses

Wednesday 27th 2.45-3.45pm – Sectional Rehearsals:
2nd Violins